After #PiliPinasDebates2016 (Round 3), We Can Now Say “And the Winner is…”


…Social Media!

Whether you’re for Duterte or Roxas or Poe or Santiago or Binay, one thing is common: they’ve all taken the route of utilizing social media as a major part of their campaign. And… we’ve all benefited from it.

Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all other forms we call– SOCIAL MEDIA, the real winner for this year’s election. Because of it, even the  #PiliPinasDebates2016 including Round 3 became more interesting.

To further elaborate what I’m saying, I invite you to watch this video:


Final na! I’m Voting For ________ Today


My vote. The power of choosing. And where my hope comes from.

It’s an inescapable topic these days: who are you voting for this election! Whether from the free world, USA, or here, this is what most people are talking about. While¬†a lot of friends have been very sure of who they’re voting for this May, I could only listen to them coz I was still uncertain. But I’ve made up my mind.


If election were to happen today, I am still undecided. But if voting would mean having to choose between choices by voicing out, then that’s what I’m so sure of.

Final na toh! Today, I’m voting for:

Choice: Status Quo vs. Change (I choose change!)



There’s power in choosing. Once we elect a president, we are the ones who have ushered him/her to power. If nobody votes, it will be an invalid election.

Let’s put that into a daily perspective. Everyday, we can choose to do something between two choices– to remain the same or to change. To stick with the status quo or to contribute to change.

Which one have we been choosing?


I think about the privilege of being a campus missionary. Reaching students. Coaching them to be Christ-followers. Mentoring them so they can be agents of change themselves. And what if among these students comes the next president of the Philippines?

Whatever you do and wherever you’re situated (homemaker, employee, boss of the company, schools), you don’t have to wait for election day to choose change. You can do it today. You have the privilege to change the world as well even in little ways.

How? If I’m talking to Christians in this part, maybe the biggest change we can contribute to this nation is in exemplifying Christ-likeness in our social media posts. Are we so sold out to our choice that we forget about SELF-CONTROL, LOVE for others and it’s so easy for us to join in the MUDSLINGING as if it will change the world. Go be a Christian. That’s how you change the world.

Guys, our hope comes from the Sovereign Ruler. We can look forward to a new way of leadership from a new president but ultimately our hope lies in the God of the universe.

I will vote. That’s a must! And I will carefully and prayerfully choose who to vote for. But my hope? Still comes from God. As the psalmist said, “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.” (Psalm 62:5)

Undecided who to vote for? This blog from Pastor Joey Bonifacio might help you in your filters. Click this.

Now, let’s go and change the world!

For me today, it means talking to our would-be campus missionaries one-by-one and give them honest & life-giving evaluations so they would be guided as they start reaching students next month! The impact of that is unimaginable– students all over the Philippines and the world taking part in the change of their lives which in turn will be felt in society.

What can you do today to change OUR nation?