Open Letter to All Filipino Moms (Specifically to 3 Mothers I Know)


Dear Mothers,

I’m sorry if the people you were with today lacked some focus between two things: spending time with you versus thinking about tomorrow’s election.

But I want you to know that you deserve to have this day exclusive to you and not share it with election blues feels. I want you to know that you are loved. That you are affirmed. That you are appreciated. That you are acknowledged and recognized. That you are honorable.

Thank you for the unconditional love, mothers! The next president of the Philippines can do so much for this society but not as much as you do as mothers. You bravely carried in your womb the would-be movers and shakers of this society. You tirelessly take care of them. You love them so much you’re willing to forget about the makeup your face needs everyday.

Thank you!!!

[Warning: cheesy messages for 3 moms I know]

Now to honor the 3 mothers in my life: my mother, my mother-in-law, and most especially my wife– the mother of our two sons.

Mama, thank you for sacrificially working as a domestic helper and having to leave your elite reputation when you needed to. You etched it in history. You were bold enough to do that just to make sure our lives would be well. Don’t ever think I don’t value you because you will always be the mother who did everything you could to make sure we’re ok. I love you, Mother!

Mama Bibs, the mother of my wife, thank you for your expertise in cooking. I owe you my fats today. Haha! Thank you for raising such a strong yet loving woman. Love you Ma!

My love, Margarita “Its”, the mother of our sons, my beautiful wife, I am amazed of your love for our kids.

Your will to sleep for short hours just to make sure our kids get what they need while yours truly is comfortably asleep… Wow! Dabest ka!!! Your absence of complaints even when our two sons get rowdy with you after a tiring day… Wow ikaw na!

Your faith to believe for great things for our kids is contagious. Your love for them is unconditional. You are doing great as their mother. I am not the expert in determining when a mother is good in mothering but I know it. I just know it… that you are doing great.

I love you my wife, the mother of our kids!!!

Thank you, MOTHERS!!!