Most Millennials Want “Till Death Do Us Part” Vow to be Abolished


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That’s an excerpt of an article that TIME released last July 2014 entitled The Beta Marriage: How Millennials Approach ‘I Do’As it turns 2 years, I want to go back to it to simply say that MARRIAGE IS A GOOD THING!

3 Realities of Marriage:

    • There are challenges in marriage. As if there’s not any challenge in this life when you don’t get married. Before I got married, one of the thoughts that pushed me to get married the soonest was this: “life will always be challenging… If I wait for these challenges to vanish, I’d lose years of being with my beloved. I’d rather go through all these challenges with her, TOGETHER.”


    • Marriage can be worked out. Four years in marriage brought me to a realization: my selfishness always gets in the way of a God-honoring marriage. As Pastor Dennis Sy wrote in his blog as to why relationships get so complicated, he says: “Now I think this is where the source of complication lies. We think everything revolves around us. In one word, we have become SELFISH.” But it can be worked out through mentors, sane friends, and most of all, a personal relationship with God to give us strong faith.

    • God instituted marriage that’s why evil will always try to break it. All the enemy wants to do is to go against God. And because God authored marriage, evil wants to get in its way. When we give up on marriage, we basically made evil victorious over us. There are, however, reasons that are justified in the law of the land and we recognize that.


All said, in the end, marriage is still a good thing. In fact, it’s a ‘God’ thing!


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With lessons from Star Cinema’s A Second Chance.