Captain America Civil War & Your Life’s Daily War: Whose Side Are You On?


My wife texted me this morning: “We’re watching Civil War movie in a while.” So she’s watching without me. But it’s fine. She’s towns away for a team building activity.

One of the movies we’ve all been waiting for is finally out! I like how this epic superhero film made a major question so popular: WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

As to how this question makes sense in the movie, read this synopsis:

Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.

Emphasis on the last sentence: “As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, ‘they’ must pick a side.”

We’ve all come to a point of having to pick a side. From little debates among friends as to where to eat… to life-changing choices such as where to study or work. We all have to pick a side.

National debate

It’s almost May and #Eleksyon2016-related debates are heating up all the more. Whose side are you on?


More personal…

Now let’s make it more personal, more individualized. If you’re a Christ-follower, I’m sure you can relate to me– being put in situations that make us ask ourselves: whose side am I on?

Everyday, this question has always been present in our lives: WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

To cheat or not to cheat. To obey your parents or not. To click the sinful link or not. To sin or not to sin. To trust God or not. To wait on God or fast-track by human will. To honor God or not.

All of these choices are mere choices. They’re not the real issue that we have to resolve so we can do what will honor God. The real issue is LORDSHIP, sticking to the LORD no matter what.

And this is really the point of this blog: to uncover the reality of our daily life’s daily war summarized in a 5-word question: WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? This particular blog entry is really about LORDSHIP.

Here’s a useful infographic on lordship…

We wanted to paint a good picture of what Lordship is and came up with this infographic. If you’re a new believer and are still trying to get a grasp of this, feel free to save a copy. If you’re a disciple-maker, this would come handy when explaining Lordship to the people you’re leading!


Our thoughts, our speech, our actions… everything. Whether it honors God or not, that issue is a manifestation of our lordship issue. Everytime we say something that dishonors God, it simply reflects a confused answer to the question: whose side am I on?


So today the challenge is to be fully convinced that you and I are on the side of Jesus Christ. Whatever personal ‘war’ that is, we need to remember that JESUS IS OUR LORD and not something or someone else. So the One to honor, the side to win our hearts is Jesus Christ.

How’s your LORDSHIP today? By that I basically mean, how’s your relationship with your LORD. Oh by the way, since it’s a relationship, it means we can grow in it. Every relationship grows through time granted means to growing it. Means could be spending time reading God’s Word, praying, hanging out with friends who can spur you on to Christlikeness.

But the Bible makes it so simple…

In order for us not to fall into the enemy’s trap (because we’re on the side of Jesus Christ and not the devil’s), we need to…


To submit, probably is the hardest part but it gets easier when we remember this…

…And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. -Galatians 2:20

So whose side are we on? I think what Jesus did for us made this question easier to answer. Here’s my response as I end.

“Thank You, Jesus Christ for loving me and giving your own life! No debates took place. Instead, You gave yourself into the cross so my sins would be forgiven. By it, my daily war has a great ending for my taking– VICTORIOUS! I just have to keep remembering that I AM ON THE SIDE OF VICTORY, OF JESUS CHRIST. Thank You Jesus. You made it simpler for us to stick to Your side!”

{breathes in… breathes out}

Now off to watch Civil War… sana!


Pop Culture Lessons: What Dory has Taught Us About Life


Finding Nemo is not just for kids! I repeat… Finding Nemo is not exclusively for kids. In fact, it’s for you, the stressed, the tired, the weary, the almost-giving-up type, the one desiring to quit but still deciding. It’s for us! And DORY is the reason why.

If you’re at a similar situation as the descriptions above, run to Dory and she’ll tell you this: JUST KEEP SWIMMING! 

So while you’re waiting for that situation at work to improve (a promotion, a vindication from accusations and the likes), JUST KEEP SWIMMING.

So while you’re waiting to see an improvement in school (thesis proposal to be approved, groupmates to stop being lazy, tuition to be paid and the likes), JUST KEEP SWIMMING.

Today, remember that you can get by. Not just that, you can choose to live joyfully. Always keep your head above water. And JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

 Trailer of Finding Dory (2016)

If you Don’t Have Anyone to Tell Pinoy Movie Love Lines to, Try God!


Single? No date this weekend? No one to say LOVE LINES to? Then get up and prepare to say these Pinoy movie love lines to SOMEONE more important than anyone.

Hhhmm, try saying it to… God. And dagdagan natin ng words to make more sense. Ready? G!

1. One More Chance, 2007
“She had me at my worst … you had me at my best.”
*But even at my worst, You saved me, God.*
(Romans 5:8 ‘but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’)

2. A Very Special Love, 2008
“Pag mahal mo, mahal mo! wala ng kasi kasi, wala ng pero pero, kasi mahal mo eh!”
*Pero kahit inconsistent ako, LORD, consistent Ka parin sobra!*
(Matthew 6:33 ‘But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.’)

3. Got 2 Believe, 2002
“I didn’t even believe in forever… but I think I found forever in you…”
*Salamat, LORD coz Your love endures forever!*
(Psalm 100:5 ‘For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.’)

Hunger Games, Divergent, & The Maze Runner: The Inescapable One Thing



Hollywood is not so obvious in its obsession with adventure novel-turned-film lately. After the sweeping success of Hunger Games’ second installment, came Divergent. This week, another title wants to take over– The Maze Runner.

Slow paced yet still manages to keep you awake awaiting the twists, The Maze Runner is another blockbuster to beat. And like its earlier counterparts, The Maze Runner also keeps your mind running after the screen blacks out and pans into ending credits.

“What will happen next? Where are they headed at? Will their next stage be more life-threatening?”

The funny thing about these movies is that they make you feel like the characters have gone through the most deadly challenges in the first part. Wait until the sequel and you’ll see another set of deadly challenges. Everything… deadly! Yet they still manage to win over it–at least the main characters.

Went to watch that movie today as part of our 3rd wedding anniversary celebration. And I’d like to share this one thing.

The Maze Runner, Divergent, & Hunger Games. All these movies are too violent for me but if anything, I’d credit these movies for the one insecapable thing you’ll be reminded of– FIGHT! AND KEEP FIGHTING!!! AND KEEP ON FIGHTING!

Our department chairperson, Mrs. Estrella Borja, is one of the most enduring persons I’ve met in my life. She would visit the tribes that required her to hike 4, 5, 6 and so on hours without complaining.

I hiked with her twice in college. First time was the worst. After three hours of hiking under the heat of the sun, my classmates and I asked: “are we close to the location?”

Always her response was, “basta… just keep walking.” She smiles.

To us, the hiking wasn’t making sense anymore. It didn’t feel like it was ending. We kept complaining secretly and then this…

We wanted to sit down to rest and she discouraged us from doing so.

Students as we were, we followed her instruction (uhm eventually we did, ok!). After 6 hours, we finally reached the village.

Tribespeople told us, the reason why sitting down in a hike is not good is because it brings your energy down and you’ll have to recalibrate your body and mind again to walk.

They were right. Ma’am Trel (as we call her) was right.

Keep walking. Just keep walking.

I think about my own life as a young Christian. Reflecting on the times I started worrying when finances went low or lack. It was really due to one thing: I stopped believing for one second. It was a lordship issue because I stopped fighting for my relationship with Jesus Christ.

And the classic hit is so right when it comes to faith: don’t stop, just keep believing.

I thank God for being faithful to us for the past three years. Without His grace where would we ever find ourselves today? What could have happened to our marriage?

Three years were full of joy. But just like an average normal couple (“you already” if you’re not like this), we fight.

We had a lot of fights! Emphasis on letter ‘s’ to mean that it’s plural. Fights. Eventually we realized that instead of fighting one another, we should fight to honor God in this marriage. And by that we meant fighting together for His purpose and plans… not fighting one another.

As we turn to page 1 of year 4 in this marriage, these movies have so taught us, despite its violence and bloody plot which I hope every moviegoer will watch with wisdom, that we need to hunger for the right things, that we need to be divergent when it means fighting for the right reasons, that we need to keep fighting for our marriage!

Because we’re either fighting for it or wasting it away. Idle times are wasted times. The characters in these movies never had the chance to be idle.

To keep fighting– hopefully that’s one inescapable thing you’ll bring home as you watch The Maze Runner and the likes.

Three areas that I need to keep fighting for:
1. My relationship with Jesus Christ.
-What would honor God in every situation?
-How can I grow in this relationship?
2. My relationship with my wife & kids
-How can I make my wife feel loved more?
-What would be best for my kids?
-How can I grow my relationship with all of them?
3. My relationship with others (family & spiritual family)
-How can I serve others better?
-How can I grow with them?

Paul said to Timothy: “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” (1TIM6:12)

Friends, I thank God He sustains us with His grace. That no matter how much and how long we keep fighting, His grace is sufficient.

The question is: are we actually fighting? Like consistently fighting?

Or have we for one moment dropped our weapons down? Those moments, as proven, were actually the times of defeat especially in our spiritual lives.

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