Papa & the Son: An Easter Sunday Confession


This is my father, my Papa.


He’s Robinson Harbay Wahiman. And I love him.

His passions– serving others & watching the drama shows my mother loves to watch. Short to say that he loves my mother no matter their differences. Emphasis on differences.

When I was in my elementary years (5 to 12), there were many times he came home drunk. But he was never violent. Some of those nights were to simply socialize with our neighbors and his friends. Some of those times were maybe for some other reasons that I completely understand now that I am raising my own family as well.

My greatest memory with him? He brought me to the hospital for my circumcision. We never played basketball together. But he spent time with me by fetching me from school and we would bike home. I loved those times.


In high school, our family setup was different. Mother left for Israel to provide for us. Father took the role of being our ‘carer’ which to me was strange.

My confession: I got bitter with that setup and disrespected him a lot of times. When God changed me, I had to repent of all those times. My father didn’t deserve those treatments at all.

Jesus Christ started changing me. I started to understand the gospel: I am a sinner and I need a savior. He is Jesus Christ who died for my sins. The death I should have died. On the third day he rose again proving that He is the Son of God and offering the gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins for all who repent and believe.

Before becoming a Christ-follower, I remember helping him in his campaign to be one of the kagawads in his hometown. He lost. But I felt like I won. Because at those months I helped in his campaign, I saw how he was sincere in serving the people. He was real to the people. He didn’t have money but his sincerity to serve them through a leadership role was overflowing. I felt it. After that season came my salvation story. God saved me.

A few months after, Papa started coming to church with me. It was my brother who invited him. Eventually, he received Jesus as his Lord & savior again. And his life started changing as well.

He was imperfect like everyone else. Imperfect like me. We both were changed by one man– Jesus Christ.

This blog is about two things, my father and the Son. First, about Papa who deserves this written honor. I love you, Papa! (I love you, Mama also. A blog about her next time.) And second, about Jesus Christ who transformed our lives.

Today, Papa and I love Jesus Christ.

Today, whatever you went through with your dad whether good or bad, look up coz it’s Easter. Today is the best time to look up to God, the Father almighty, and receive His love through Jesus Christ, His son. He enables us to love no matter what.

Now, what’s your story? You and your dad and Jesus Christ. Leave a comment or write a blog about it. Many need to hear that. Share the Good News.

Happy Easter!


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