3 Youtube Videos from Friends I’d Hope for You to Watch online this Valentines


This Valentine weekend will surely be a weekend of love songs here and there. So here’s my top 3 that I hope you listen to as well…

3. LIWANAG by Zion Aquino feat. Yeng Constantino

How many of you get relieved with the fact that someone is willing to go through tough times with you? Here’s a song that reminds us of how having someone beside us go through darkness is enough light to get us through.

My wife and I are believers of Zion Aquino’s talent! He’s been a good friend– generous with his car when ours couldn’t reach farther destinations. But I’m not posting this for utang na loob. We really love his voice– it’s the Gavin De Graw kind of voice we need in OPM.

And of course, Yeng Constantino, being the duet of Zion, happens to be our good friend too. So yes, do listen to this song!

2. THIS LOVE by PAID (Megan Concepcion & co.)

Megan Concepcion and her band is off to self-producing their 2nd album in the indie scene of Cagayan De Oro. There was a bunch of teenagers (men & women) who started walking with Jesus Christ at some point together. She was one of those we grew in Jesus Christ with. So yea, I must say that the lyrics of her songs are those that give you a full glimpse of God’s love and grace without sounding Christianese.

1. WALK ON BY by Margarita Saludo

Her song is on my number 1 list because I love how she sang it. And of course, she’s my bestest friend– my wife, Its. I LOVE HER & HER VOICE! I am her biggest (not physically) fan! If I win in the lottery then most of my money will be spent producing albums for her and get her into jazz music as well. Anyway… hahaha (the lottery is a joke ok? I don’t do lottery coz I’ve already won JACKPOT with her o grabe sya!)

Hugot songs lately sound so mad and extremely bitter. I like it stylish and still head high kind. So for those who have been hurt and you get reminded of the hurts when you see him or her approaching you, just respond with style and remember this song, just let him walk on by coz you deserve to MOVE FORWARD without distractions.


Thanks for dropping by here!Have a good time this weekend. Rather than listening to sad songs, try these ones and just take it lightly.


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