Pangako Sa’Yo Remake: The One Thing We’re Reminded Of


As PANGAKO SA’YO closes its curtains this week, it’s fitting to pick out the one major lesson this remake has taught us… or better yet, has reminded us of.

Whether this remake was as successful as the original Echo-Tin version or not, the real point that this remake has brought about is this: LOVE IS ALWAYS WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

I was in high school when the original version aired. I lived in my aunt’s place and she wouldn’t miss an episode of it. Vina Morales’ signature slow-to-climactic ‘birit’ was a signal that the show was starting & ending.

The remake had similar touches but turned out to have new plots. But as it ends, the one thing that never changed is how Angelo & Yna fought for their love when they became sure of it.

‪#‎KATHNIEL‬ FANS, this version has taught you well on that– LOVE at the RIGHT TIME. When it’s time, LOVE NO MATTER WHAT. When it’s time, FIGHT FOR IT. Promises are not enough. Do something about it. As the cliche goes, action speaks louder than words.

On a personal note, it reminds me of the love that has gone as far as dying on the cross– the love of JESUS CHRIST! Diko maisip yung ibang examples na as good as this one. Eto yung pinaka totoong nakita ko that action spoke louder than words. God’s love was so real He gave His son Jesus Christ for me and you.

Romans 5:8 “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Ikaw, would there be something you’ve learned from PSY that you’d want to share? Feel free to comment below!

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