Life Lessons from Lola Nidora #AlDubFever


Oh #AlDub such a phenomenon these days! It seems like Filipino viewing has changed from being focused at primetime dramas, we have shifted into the noontime kalyeserye format. And just before we all go crazy about wanting to see Alden and Yaya Dub together, let us take a minute to digest the lessons that their random tandem has taught us so far.

Of course, thanks to Yaya Dub’s Lola Nidora who gives us life lessons that, although it’s essentially just entertainment we have to still admit that it’s somehow shaping the minds of viewers as it gets into pop culture.

Lesson # 1: May tamang panahon para sa lahat.


So whether you think you deserve to have it instantly or you think your life will end if you can’t get it, you have no choice but to face the truth that everything has its right timing.

Wag mo nang i-push ang side na pull naman dapat! Maraming naaaksidente sa mga maling pag-push ng pintong pull naman.

Lesson # 2: Mas maganda ang mga bagay na pinagtitiyagaan…


As they say, the things that you worked hard for are things you are most likely to hold on to. So easy to let go of things you got instantly.

Don’t just fall for “Aldub you” and “Maalden kita.” They’re mere words. Go for the proof of this love.

Some proof:
*willing to wait
*respects boundaries
*have life goals other than just loving you
*have the will to give you more than just a kiss everyday because kisses won’t feed your tummy

Lesson # 3: Love is way better than just fansigns and tsup mwah texts.


If there ever is something sensible in a kalyeserye that was essentially and randomly made to entertain Filipino viewers, it’s this: wait for the best and wisest time before you get into a romantic relationship with someone.

This has gotten so popular that most Filipinos are chewing it already. Just chew it well to get the best of these AlDub episodes.


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