Holy Week Lessons from the Zayn Malik Issue


Zayn Malik is now in a solo flight. And fans can’t do something about it. If it’s any consolation, know that this is not the first time a popular band witnessed a member leave the group.

Let me take you back to the 90s leading to the latest ones. Credits to Closer.com


Some didn’t even realize that Robbie Williams started off as member of a boyband.


This broke a lot of people’s hearts.


Didn’t make so much noise.


Credits to NSync, Justin Timberlake is where he is now because of the group. But even while they were together as a boyband, there were times that their concerts seemed like it was Justin Timberlake’s act only with friends performing with him.


So the latest, as we all know, is Zayn Malik’s official resignation from the band.

Before this major announcement, Malik did a remarkable (in a negative way) act of not showing up in One Direction’s major concert here in the Philippines. It broke the hearts of the fans. For some, maybe to a point of breaking their glasses, their cellphones, their TV sets. But what does this issue teach us really?

Holy Week naman eh so it’s safe to play reflection time from situations na hindi naman kareflect-reflect– this issue for one. Here are some lessons:

*This too shall pass.
Every heartbreaking moment shall pass eventually. “Makakapagmove on din kayo” says the fans of Spice Girls who also went through the same thing.

I have a friend who thought her life ended when Ginger Spice Geri left the band. When the Zayn Malik issue came out, she said in her Facebook wall: “like us who now got older and able to move on, you (One D fans) will also grow old and involuntarily move on.”

This too shall pass.

*Friends come and go.
Look One D fans, I don’t mean to add insult to injury but this is just reality.

*Zayn Malik is just human.
Di naman to newsflash noh? So yes, weakness is also one of his traits. Rejoice, at least we know now he’s also normal like everyone else.

All along, some may have thought that he’s a gift from the star. A package of UK accent, naturally wavy hair, that face and a singing voice– some girls may have really thought he fell from the constellation of stars. But hey, there’s always a fault in the stars we realize.

*People can really fail us.
Because Zayn is just human, he is also capable of failing people.

Friends, let me introduce you to the concept of total human depravity. That we are in nature sinful. And that we will really fail to do the right thing. Zayn Malik, my friends, happen to fall under the category of humanity. And he’s also guilty of the effects of total human depravity.

It’s his life and we can’t blame him if the guy wants a normal life.

But here’s a good news that transcends beyond Holy Week.



Palm Sunday (4 DAYS AGO) is like Jesus Christ’s major concert for the people at that time. They didn’t buy One Direction posters, not those lighting tubes that illuminate when you fold them. They didn’t prepare banners or tarpaulins to show their support. But they did almost similar preparations. They prepared palm branches to wave it upon Jesus Christ’s arrival.

Then Jesus arrived.

I am thankful that Jesus Christ did not quit on us.

It brings me great joy to remember that, Jesus Christ, unlike many others who did not show up, showed up that day.

Fast forward, Jesus Christ did not walk out of his destiny to be cruficied, to painstakingly go through a death we should have died. He died on the cross that our sins may be forgiven.

This Maundy Thursday, I am grateful that our Lord Jesus, many as in many years ago, did not leave us behind, did not take a solo flight to comfort. But he took the painful direction to satisfy the wrath of God so that our sins may be forgiven.

Being reminded of this, I am also reminded that I have ultimately ONE DIRECTION and that is to follow Jesus as we live a life that honors God.

We love you Zayn Malik fans! (Special mention to Jia & Drei)


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