Honoring God the #PopeFrancisPH way



Coming to church this month reminds me to honor God always. In speech included. Yes, we are imperfect but that can’t stop us from constantly relying on God’s grace to have the ability to honor Him.

This Sunday, let me publicly say that I personally honor Pope Francis for unfailingly reminding millions of fellow Pinoys to focus on Jesus. This man deserves honor.

Truly, the pope knows 1 Timothy 2:5 by heart:

“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus…”

Honor God in all aspects. Words included. So whether I subscribe to the Vatican rule or not, God deserves honor in speech. Our posts on FB included. So whether one likes this week’s event or not, the real deal is to make sure God is honored in speech. Regardless if one was just provoked.

Popular these days are good words for Pope Francis. His instruction to focus on Jesus made a huge mark as well in all Filipinos’ minds. But popular also these days are some situations that took place on social media. So allow me to also share to you how we can honor God in the midst of these viral happenings.

1. Some people who have posted on FB how they hate the pope’s visit
It’s disheartening to read posts from people who bash the pope’s visit. But think about it, they posted it on their own personal pages. The only time we started seeing their posts is when others actually printscreened their posts and posted on public pages.

While it’s not good to read such, we just can’t do anything about it at all.

2. Some people who got provoked and defended the pope thru angry posts
To defend a servant of God is ok. But to defend him while sinning with one’s words, I’m pretty sure Pope Francis himself will dislike it.

In our anger, we are not to sin. I hope that when we defend the people serving the Kingdom of God, we do it right and we do it the way that pleases the LORD. That we honor God still in every aspect especially in our words.

Friends, we give honor to whom it is due. To Pope Francis, honor is given whether or not we subscribe to that particular religion. And to the ones who subscribe to this faith we profess, let us honor God with our words.

Pope Francis’ visit sends us a clear message: honor God.

Peace out!


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